GE MASTER Executive II Alignment

RECEVER Alignment

#1 meter mult-1 (pin 3) adjust the slugs in L404 , L502 , L503 , to top of coils, adjust C406 for maximum.


#2 meter mult-2 (pin 4) adjust C411 and C406 for maximum meter reading. Carefully tune L404 for dip in meter reading. Then adjust L502 for maximum , L503 for a dip in meter reading . Do not readjust L404 , L502 , and L503

#3 meter If amp (pin 1) adjust apply an

on-frequency signal , tune L1,L2,L3,L4, C301,C302 ,C502 for maximum meter reading.



#1 Meter Pin 2 ) Tune L101 then L102 for maximum, then tune L102 1/8 turn clockwise. Then dip T101.

#2 meter pin 1 ) Tune T102 for maximum . Then dip T103.

#3 meter pin 3 ) Tune T104 for mxximum, retune T103 for maximum. Tune T105 for dip.

#4 meter pin 7 ) Tune T106 for maximum , retune T105 for maximum.

#5 meter pin 6 ) Tune C144 & C146 alternately for maximum meter reading

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