This Is a long lost file, Recovered from a 2002 Hard drive

ZIP file of all info here, Mods for converting GE Master Executive II,

It may still be useful to someone Karl .. N1GNN June/16/2016


Mods for converting GE Master Executive II from 37mc to 52mc

For 36 Mc. To 42 Mc. radios only


This modification is not perfect but it keeps the

cost down to a reasonable price. It also works well


Parts list


Parts Locator for RF Board ( 99K)

Part Locator for Mixer Board (81K)

Part Locator for Exciter Board (144K)

Part Locator for PA Board (126K)

Part Locator for Low Pass Filter Board (51K)

Part Locator for Multiplier Board (100k)

More Notes


RF pre-selector.

.#1 Remove c7 , c8 , c9 , c10 Replace with 15pf NPO disks

#2 Remove r3 Replace with 18k

#3 Remove L301 , L302 Remove three turns from each, "from c301,c302 end". reinstall.

file:rf.htm for part location

IF mixer

#1 Remove` c503 replace with 15 pf disc.

Changes in receiver allow for low side injection rather than high.

Keep in mind when ordering xtals.

Receive Crystal Formula Crystal Freq. = (operating freq. -11.2 Mc.)/3

example 52,525 13.775 Mc. ( 52.525 - 11.2 )/3

file:mixer.htm for part location

Multiplier Board Rec.

#1 Remove C 412 replace with 24 pf disc.

See file:multi.htm for part location



#1 Remove c126 & c129 replace with 30pf NPO disk

#2 Remove c131 & c134 replace with 12pf NPO disk

#3 Remove c136 & c139 replace with 1.3pf NPO disk (1pf OK)

#4 swap c142 with c143, C142=82pf, C143=68pf

#5 Remove 11 turns from L101 & L102 ( be careful wire very small, I have removed as many as 13 turns due to wire breaking and it still works fine.)
See file:ex.htm for part location


#1 Remove c8,c10,c11.c12,c19,c31 replace all with 220pf dipped mica 500v

#2 Remove c20 & c16 replace with 30pf or 33pf disks

#3 Remove c9 replace with 56pf disk

#4 Remove c25 & c26 replace with 47pf disks

#5 Remove c23 do not replace

#6 Remove c30 replace with 150-160pf dipped mica 500v

#7 Remove R4,R6,R7 replace with (3)- 1.2 ohm 1/2 watt carbon
See file:pa.htm for part location


#1 spread L2 & L3 for max. power out.
See file:filter.htm for part location

Thanks to Colby W1WL for his help and use of test equipment

Karl N1GNN March/10/1998

(Colby W. Lufkin W1WL Silent Key 10-10-2006) Note: added June 2016


Parts list

Quantity Part

Mouser Part Number

5 15pf NPO 5% 100v 141-500N5-015J .10
* 4 30pf NPO 5% 500v 141-500N5-030J .10
* 2 12pf " " " 141-500N2-012J .10
2 1pf " " " 141-500N2-001J .10
* 1 56pf " " " 141-500N5-047J .10
* 2 47pf " " " 141-500N6-047J .10
6 220pf dipped mica 500v CD15 5982-15-500V220 .71
1 150pf " " " " 5982-15-500V150 .59
* 1 68pf " " " " (**) 5982-15-500V68 .51*
* 1 82pf " " " " (**) 5982-15-500V82 .43*
1 18k 1/4 watt resistor 29SJ250-18K .07
3 1.2 ohm 1/2 watt resistor 29SJ500-1.2 .08
Prices are for single lot , larger qty are much cheaper per piece

* not needed if you reuse parts removed from radio

(**) for exciter c142 & c143 if you wish to use new

capacitors details for PA

original new

36-42mc. 52mc.

C7 = 220pf C7 = 220pf no change

C8 = 270pf C8 = 220pf

C9 = 100pf C9 = 57pf

C10= 270pf C10= 220pf

C11= 270pf C11= 220pf

C12= 270pf c12= 220pf

C13= 220pf C13= 220pf no change

c16= 47pf C16= 30pf

C20= 47pf C20= 30pf

C19= 270pf c19= 220pf

C21= 270pf C21= 270pf no change

C22= 270pf C22= 270pf no change

C23= 270pf C23= 270pf no change

C24= 270pf C24= 0pf remove

C25= 100pf C25= 47pf

C26= 100pf C26= 47pf

C29= 430pf C29= 430pf no change

C31= 430pf C31= 220pf

C30= 220pf C30= 150pf

............................. Karl N1GNN March/10/1998 .....................