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Advanced Settings

It is recommended that Write Register only be used on Local Network Not Remotely.

Classic Tabs

Classic : Set Ip and Port

Click set IP and Port,

Enter IP address and port of Classic you wish to connect to.

If you plan on writing new Values to Classic you must enter the serial number (with out leading zeros) of the Classic To unlock write mode.

If The Classic is already Set-up in the main settings of the Program then you you can click set to C1, C2, C3,C4 to transfer settings from main settings.


Classic : Get Data

Once IP and Port are set, simply click 'Get Classic Data' Only a selected number of common Classic Registers are Shown.. Click the Tab you wish to view.

Not all fields are Writeable, the fields that can be changed will show a 'Write' Button.
See below.


The 'Classic Setttings tab' Contains Classic feilds that are changeable, to change a value Click Write Value Button. A warning Digiloge will be displayed. Click OK to Cointuinue.
Warning !! Make shure you enter valade values , incorect values could Cause Damage to your Equipment !!


Classic :Change Value and Write to Classice to Classic


ASX Tabs

Note : You Can Not Access The Outback AXS Until you Have Successfully Connected To a Classic Charge Controller At Least Once with This Program.

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